A Token

📢 Who, What, Why and How?

How can a completely free Token succeed?!
Many people flock to crypto in order to "damn the man!" Only to be manipulated right out of their own hard earned savings. It's a fact that "we" know, because "we" are the insiders.
This one 'target' group that never makes out. They're promised: riches and wealth, and that this investment in crypto will enable you to be part of a "New Elite." Unfortunately once the money enters the market, the rich continue to bleed it dry.
You're told to "Buy The Dip!" and "Dollar Cost Average!" You're ridiculed if you have "paper hands" and "panic sell" your crypto, meanwhile the lack of empathy shows they have no idea what it's like to lose. They point the finger at YOU for "FUD!"
Often these scenerios lead to reddit posts with suicide hotline messages, among other things. Twitter has begun mental health "spaces" for users who put their trust in individuals (some having no names at all!) Enough is enough!
What are we about? We are simply a group of OG investors in the cryptospace that want to ease a burden, if only for a minute. "Need a token, take a token" is the exact same principle as the penny tray at a store. You have nothing to lose and we simply want to give you a crypto token that you can immediately cash out with no guilt, no regret and no concerns.