A Token

📖 Overview

About A Token: a completely free rebase token that is given to you, no questions asked!
A fine group of private DeFi Advocates created "A Token."
A Token is an auto-staking and auto-compounding decentralized protocol, on the Binance Smart Chain, providing holders with an annual yield of 7,678.343%.
The contract uses an anti-dump drip methodology to shield and protect your holdings. We have created our own Sustainability Interest Mechanism (SIM) to support the sustainability of the protocol. The ultimate safeguard against pump and dumps.
Token holders are able to sell 1% per day, but never more than "A Token" at a time. How high will "A Token" go?
The team consists of highly experienced developers, DeFi community owners, successful executives, and additional adept colleagues.
Having the community’s confidence is also paramount to A Token's success.